Solar is a must for any Aussie home that wants to keep on top of their energy requirements. However, if you want to maximise your solar output, one of the best ways is to minimise your consumption.

Here are my tips for a more energy efficient home…

For the average Australian household, Air conditioning uses the most power by far (sometimes well over 75%). It’s important to ensure you use it economically by keeping it on a low fan speed. Keep the temperature at around 23-25 degrees and of course use it during the day, when you’re producing solar!

Make sure your air conditioner unit is serviced regularly and is kept clean; this will ensure it’s working most efficiently. In the evenings, use a ceiling or pedestal fan to keep the cool air circulating and resist leaving the air conditioner on overnight.

Use the summer heat to your advantage and in the evenings go outside. Head to the beach, go to the movies or use the barbecue to cook dinner. Keep those curtains or roller-shutters closed during the day.

When you’re finished with an appliance, turn it off at the power point rather than leaving it on standby; you’ll be amazed at how much power you can save by doing this. When you’re deciding on a new purchase for the home (dishwasher, clothes dryer, washing machine, television) consider the Energy Rating (those white stars in the red stripe) with the more stars the better! The average cost of household appliances has come down considerably over the years with the energy efficiency rating improving greatly; is it time to replace that old fridge or plasma screen?

When doing a load of washing, use a low-spin, cold water cycle, then use that clothes line rather than a dryer or hang your clothes up on coat hangers.

Consider getting the insulation in your roof checked. Most places will offer you a free quote or check-up to ensure your insulation is effective.

Use your pool filter during the day, on a timer is best, when the sun is shining.

Already have solar? Consider getting a battery storage system so you can use that excess solar at night rather than giving it to the retailers.

If you’d like to know more about any of the above or more ways to start saving… enquire with us today!

Mark Ettridge

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